What we sell and why

Welcome to our little shop.

Like most organizations, we need essential funding to keep the doors open and the bullies at bay.

Everything from PC software to Iceland even salkaries. l phones, we fund through the sales on this page.

Without your generous consideration,  we as a group, would no longer be able to shape and form the future of the next generation. So we would like to say thanks to everybody who purchases items from our emporium.

If there are items you would like to see in the future please contact us and we shall see if it's possible. 

All books written by our friends remain their property and we merely support their cause and work
  1. CPG - Cyber Parental Guardians
  2. CPG Cyber Parental Guardians
  3. CPG Decal
  4. CPG Sticker TBHTS
  5. 7 Ways of the Guardian
  6. Title 8